• Major problem Rallypoint solves

    “I wish decisions wouldn’t get lost in comment threads or emails”

    Apps like Trello, Basecamp, Flow and others are great for managing what you know you have to do. But what when something wasn’t planned for and you need to decide how to change that planning? Decisions get buried in comment threads and it’s often not clear whether something was decided in the first place.

    Rallypoint solves it by
    • A single problem and solution at the top. Ones that everyone can edit at anytime.
    • An activity feed with comments and past solutions. To discuss problems in a natural way and give insights in how a decision was made.
    • Assessments of the solution from each involved user. To exactly see whether every people think the found solution works for them.
  • Major problem Rallypoint solves

    “We’re wasting time discussing options and aren’t really getting anywhere”

    Nobody likes to waste time, but that’s often what making decisions together leads to. When you’ve finally come together to talk about something, the longer you talk, the harder it seems to make a good decision. Meanwhile no work is getting done. The result? You skip discussing problems altogether.

    Rallypoint solves it by
    • Not bothering people for no reason. Involve those with relevant expertise, let others just keep on working.
    • Focusing on making everybody get back to work ASAP. A single solution everyone can edit and assess at any point in their own time.
    • Going for acceptable instead of best. It keeps problems small, decisions easier to make and bad calls simpler to fix.
  • Major problem Rallypoint solves

    “If only others would listen to what I have to say about this”

    Who wants a product that’s shaped by who was most dominant in meetings instead of who had the better idea? Rather than giving everyone space to use and express their expertise, we let the loudest and ones with higher paygrades make uninformed decisions.

    Rallypoint solves it by
    • Not showing a problem as solved before everyone involved accepts it. Sure, you can move on anyway, but at least everyone can see an opinion is being ignored.
    • Only caring about who is involved. By only involving those with actual relevant expertise you have a tool to have know-it-alls keep to themselves.
  • Major problem Rallypoint solves

    “Not everybody knows how to use our project management app the way we do”

    Whether Flow, Basecamp, Trello or something else is the best way to manage the work you do is very personal. Ever had a client try JIRA? Or have a designer sign up to Github to use it’s issues? And yet we often force everyone to use the same one.

    Rallypoint solves it by
    • Untangling problem solving from project planning. Once a problem is solved everybody adjusts their own planning accordingly, in whatever app you may use for that.
    • Super easy to make issues. No setup is required. You just type the problem you ran into and involve who you need.
    • A simple and self guided user interface. No training required. As long as you just follow the app, your decision making will improve. Without having to understand why.
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