You’ve run into a problem, now what?

  1. Create an issue on Rallypoint

    Give your team a chance to deal with problems it will face. Prevent your project from slowly derailing due to bad calls, lost emails or endless meetings and use the right tool for the job.

  2. Involve team members whose expertise or opinions are needed

    No need to bother people for no reason. You wouldn’t need your company lawyer’s thoughts on issues about your homepage’s design. But you might want to bring them in on that issue about dealing with non paying customers.

  3. Explore solutions until one is found that is acceptable for those involved

    Prevent making bad calls and wasting time trying to find the theoretical best. What might seem like a good idea to a marketer could be a deathtrap in the eyes of a designer. But iterating on designs forever won’t help anyone either. As soon as the solution is acceptable to everyone involved, it’s time to move on.

What did you run into and why is that a problem? Be careful when phrasing the problem as a question. When you do: it’s all about how can we move on instead of why is it like this.